We established Lemongrass House in 1996 and are continually developing specialized, natural farm fresh aromatherapy, spa treatments and products at a professional and therapeutic standard for spas and salons around the world.

Bobby Duchowny

Welcome to Lemongrass House, award winning makers of spa and body care products!

Lemongrass House is an award winning, Thailand-based company that manufactures and distributes aromatherapy, spa and personal care products to over 50 countries worldwide and is also the supplier of choice to many of the worlds leading hotel brands such as:

How we began…

Founders Bobby & Palita Duchowny opened their first store in Bangkok, Thailand in the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market in 1996. With a commitment to the environment and natural ingredients they have developed and created a huge range of award-winning skincare, bath and home fragrance products scented with essential oils.

Lemongrass House’s big break came when they started working alongside UNICEF producing natural insect repellents for their teams working in the field throughout South East Asia.

From the farm…

Now Lemongrass House works with Thai farmers, taking great pride in a farm-to-product approach. Cultivating and growing the finest plants and flowers used to create exquisite essential oils through meticulous distillation methods. Each farm exemplifies ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that every ingredient used in the products is nurtured in harmony with nature. Ever since its inception, Lemongrass House have remained deeply committed to the environment, which can be seen in every aspect of the company.

Natural range…

Each range of luxury spa products is infused with the pure essence of these essential oils, carefully curated to evoke distinct moods and enhance your sensory experience. From calming lavender to invigorating lemongrass, each product is crafted to transport you to a state of blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

Take the spa home…

Whether you’re seeking tranquility in a soothing bath, indulging in a luxurious massage, or revitalizing your skincare routine with natural goodness, Lemongrass House offers a sensory journey like no other. Immerse yourself in the essence of Phuket’s vibrant flora and experience the ultimate in luxury spa products with Lemongrass House.

Lemongrass House UK

Kate and Ed Richards established Lemongrass House UK in 2018 on their return to Cornwall having spent the better part of a decade working as teachers throughout Asia. They fell in love with Lemongrass House products on their holiday trips to Phuket. A chance meeting with Bobby set in motion a series of events resulting in a change in career. Fast forward a few years to when Chantel joined the team and we are really excited to be Lemongrass House UK!

Here is to the next chapter of the Lemongrass House story…

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