Fresh Handmade Spa Products

We start with only the freshest and purest ingredients available; from Ayurvedic herbal essences from India to Jojoba oils from the Desert Whale in Arizona. Then, by hand, we craft small batches of our products, ranging from soaps and aromatics through to massage oils and skin creams, daily. This ensures that all of our thousands of different materials, over 150 essential oils and 1,200 products are made with consistency, quality and freshness every time. All of our products are sulphate and paraben free and have never been tested on animals.

Here at Lemongrass House, we have a strong commitment to the environment, which can be seen in all aspects of our company. Only the freshest and most natural ingredients are used in our products. Our stores and tuk tuks are designed with natural wood backdrops and shelves. Our packaging is made from recycled materials which are in turn recyclable. We are continually striving to reduce Lemongrass House’s carbon footprint and minimise our impact on the environment.

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